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10 Reasons you should boycott La Quinta Inn and Suites

As of this date, I will never enter a La Quinta Inn, or a LaQuinta Suite. AND I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU DO TOO if you don’t want to get your ideas and intellectual properties taken from you without recourse.

If my last powerful post wasn’t enough, below, you’ll find10 reasons you should actively stay away from La Quinta Inn and Suites until further notice.

1) I’m an established “Winner at Business”–SO, I don’t need a hotel that helps me with that thank you very much.

2) They have been show to claim other’s powerful ideas as their own.

3) The employees–as of this writing–have been completely unresponsive to all of my faxes.

4) No one from corporate has contacted me (unless I missed their call.)

5) The CEO, Keith Cline, has not videographed his public apology that would–HONESTLY–be a great first step to mending our relationship.

6) They are a “business” hotel, but don’t offer a complimentary USA TODAY.

7) Rewards program has no spanish-themed currency.

8) Wifi signals are weak, and have no witty, spanish-themed naming convention.

9) To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of refreshed color scheme.

10) Continental breakfast has NO WAFFLE STATION.

If you were not enraged before–I’M SURE YOU ARE NOW.


NOW, LET’S CHANNEL THAT RAGE AND (in-between your other protests) kindly add @LQ to your list of things to shout “SHAME!” at.

While we’re at it, let’s also get #boycottLaQuintaInnandSuites to trend on an a very popular internet! (If ANYONE knows whom I need to speak with to make that sort of thing happen, please leave it in the comments!)


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