The secrets of a successful life in business.

Winning by Getting Featured on Other Wildly Successful Site

Below is a repost from an article where were asked to share our business insights and “secrets” to our many successes. It was super fun, and I think you’ll find it INCREDIBLY REWARDING to read. Enjoy.

1. How do you reset to be creative?

My favorite, and most effective creative reset finds me in a field, sitting peacefully on a cable spool, doing an exercise I invented I call Brainsploding™. It’s a unique mix of a self-taught form of experimental Karate, mixed with an active mediation, while wearing a tank top that I got at Spring Break Panama City in ’89–and nothing else.

2. What motivates you?

Pure and simple: Winning. At anything. My trade is business, but I just like to win at everything I come in contact with. That is truly what drives all of my actions in life…I like to drink my coffee faster than you. I brought a wolf to “Bring your dog to work” Day that ate four of my coworkers dogs. I make fun of people smarter than me so I can get control of a room. I even spent three nights hiding in a coworkers’ file cabinet just to find out what she thought about an upcoming business proposal so I could use it against her. I do this all unapologetically, and that–I believe–is how I have become so successful.

3. What is the biggest challenge you face?

In life, my biggest challenge is keeping strong friendships. Turns out, when all you think about it winning, or looking like you’re winning, people don’t tend to dive real deep with you. It can be lonely at the top, but it also gets full of money and power at the top. I prefer the latter.

4. How do you stay on top of the cutting edge?

I used to read books, but currently I just like to read the first paragraphs of every article that comes through my Facebook feed. I also have a dear friend and mentor–Manfred Dunforth–that I look too nightly for wisdom and guidance in my business and personal life. He also lives in my home temporarily (or so he says!) so this makes it super convenient for both of us as he looks for work.

5. What is your favorite way to interact with viewers of your site?

I like to call them on their cellphone as they sit down to dinner, or late into the night. I like the immediacy and surprise of the contact. It allows me to speak to them while they are on their heels, so I get a true reaction to my strategies. Additionally, it gives me power in the situation to refute handily any misinterpretation of my work.

6. Are there any adjacent industries outside your own that you actively source for inspiration?

Funny enough, I’m a big DIY JUNKIE. So my Pinterest boards are epic collections of business inspiration and powerful birthday party ideas. I also like to study rare insects and often incorporate some of their strategies for survival into my everyday business life with an incredible amount of success.

7. Where do you see the future of blogs heading?

I think in the future, we will make a turn to a simpler approach. I think in the very near future, blogs will be hand written. Entries will be scanned and then faxed to a service that uploads them onto a blogging internet for everyone to read at their leisure.

8. What is the mission of your blog?

At it’s core, I want to be a resource, the best resource for successful business strategies. I want to be not just the first place to look, but the only place to look for success in business. A secondary goal would be to rid the internet of all other business blogs so that I literally am THE ONLY source for successful business strategies.

9.What makes your blog different? How can viewers leverage the content on your blog?

I really think my key point of difference is my perspective on the world. There is no other being living or dead that embodies the confidence, experience, and lack of interpersonal norm recognition to express the radical business strategies that I bring the world each and every day. I’m not sure how much actual monetary value I’ve brought to companies across the globe, but I’m pretty sure it’s around 6 billion dollars (before taxes).

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