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Winning by Honestly Reviewing Products on Your Blog

I just randomly ran across a product that I simply must share with you.

It’s called The Eyeballer™, and it might be the most amazing product I’ve ever happened to just randomly come across and try and then love, and then become inspired enough to share it with my audience, even though I’ve received no compensation to do so.

It’s a nifty little thing that helps you find the right spot to put your nail in your wall when hanging pictures. I first took notice–during an interweb search for “pointy things”–because it looked a little dangerous. But after looking closer, I was just blown away with how simple and useful the thing was.

I thought, “This is being offered at such a great price point, I’m gonna give it a try”.


BEFORE I found this amazing product, I would just randomly hit holes in my wall until I found an acceptable spot to hang my pictures.

NOW, I actually only hit a single hole, and it’s magically at the right place in the time it takes me to think of something that is quick as it is.

Whether it’s a shiny new fake diploma, some new pictures of me sparring my wolf, or just some shirtless pictures of me on a cable spool meditating in the middle of a field–this AMAZING thing has helped me get every single one of them up where the belong–IN MY FOYER, AT EYE LEVEL.

I really have no idea why you wouldn’t try this product out, especially since I have just personally and passionately endorsed it. But I’m not pressuring you, I’m just moved to speak positively about this product of my own free will.

Either way, you should go here immediately: The Eyeballer™

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