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Winning the Business Part of the Internet

If I have learned anything about Winners at Business™, it’s that they know how to use an internet to spread their ideas so other less successful people can link to them and talk about how smart and insightful the author is.

If you’re not doing this I just have one question: WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU NOT DOING THIS!

The simplest way to start is by creating something called a “blog”. On this blog, make sure and write internet articles with headlines so powerfully written that business leaders have no choice but to read them. Once you pair your headline with an unnecessarily graphic image of a controversial subject you just sit back and watch as the business part of the internet goes Krazy.

Luckily for me (and you!) I discovered long ago the secret formula for generating incredibly powerful blog post headlines: Write about what something much more interesting than your actual job, taught you about your job.

OH, I FORGOT THE BEST PART! (No, I didn’t. Here it comes!) You can repeat this strategy basically, forever.

Some business writers don’t agree with me (I’m looking at you Seth Godin!) But, I believe this is the most powerful idea in business today.

To show how this looks in practice, I would like to present several examples I literally just wrote:

What the song “Cherry Pie” taught me about Human Resources.

What I learned about Business Processes from the AIDS Epidemic.

Six things I learned about Infrastructure from a Buffalo Chicken and Ranch Hot Pocket.

Who could resist reading these?. Answer: NO ONE. And like that, I have inspired and delighted everyone in business who reads words.

OH NO!! WHAT ABOUT THE ARTICLE PART!!!? Relax, take a deep breath, stop freaking out. Don’t worry about the actual article. All you need to do is write a couple of loosely thrown together strings of business keywords that may or may not resemble actual sentences. Businessmen are way too busy to read articles. They just post them on something called a “Linkedin“, so their colleagues can not read them too.

Listen, most of what we learn in business is not super inspiring or interesting. If you can get people thinking they can learn something about business from interesting things like a Dung beetle, a refurbished Sex Robot, or (my current obsession) Riverdancing–they might just think for a moment that what they’re doing is a lot more interesting than what they’re actually doing.

And in the business part of the internet–that’s how you win.

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  1. Bo Download said:

    Oh yeah! Yahoo! taught me a lot about the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ Dreamcast! haha! yes i am so good at this.

    Robert “Tractor” Traylor had an interesting take on CRT monitors. Nailed it!

    What do you think the secret behind Neve Campbell’s rollerblades? I’m done

    • GREAT COMMENT BO! Glad to hear your inspiring albeit confusing thoughts! They are very important to this thriving community of business leaders and blog readers!

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