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The Importance of Unwavering Values

I’ve recently discovered an amazing way to retain the hearts, minds (and revenue!) of customers after an untimely and public mistake.

Let’s say hypothetically, a brief check on a fantasy football trade takes your eye briefly away from the siren on your desk that warns of computer hackings.

Yes, confidential customer information was released to a group of Somali pirates. That happened. But what didn’t happen was a change in my values while making this mistake. And believe it or not, that’s all the matters!

REMEMBER THIS! Because that’s the part I want Winners at Business™ to take away from today’s post.

Mistakes happen, but values don’t change.

In a recent study in a magazine, scholars found that:

…when a business makes a mistake, customers tend to be upset not because they’re trust has been completely shattered, or even that their personal information is now being used by known terrorists. NO–they are upset because they are afraid that this business’s values are now–somehow–different.

Now, let’s take this fact, and regain the trust of those customers by releasing a templated press release (free download here!) like this:

“We are sorry for this grave mistake and apologize for any sort of identity theft that may be happening to you as you read this press release. While we recommend you check all of your bank accounts immediately, we’d also like to assure our customers that this mistake is no indication whatsoever of a shift in core values from ‘good’ to ‘bad’. Quite the opposite: Our values remain as solid and unwavering as ever.”

When you make this sort of public declaration–as easy at is–it assures your customers that this was just a blip in performance and not a “fundamental personal flaw”. And by reminding them that we both have the same sort of values–AKA “the good ones“–they’ll have no problem continuing their relationship with you. At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most? The having of good values?

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