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The Value of Getting Your Job On

If you really want to get across the idea that you’re doing something very vigorously and excitedly, a simple way to let the entire office know is by using my Getting Your Business On™ strategy.

Are you writing a proposal, or are you “Getting your proposal on“?

I’d much rather my co workers know that I was “Getting my staple on” rather than just “Collating some stuff”.

Sure, it’s fine if you are “creating a document to track spending trends in Excel”. But consider how powerful that same statement becomes when you tell them you’re “Getting your trend trackin’ on“?

Is Saul in accounting “Doing my expense reports”? Or is he “Getting his accounting on“? I, for one, hope he’s taking the latter route.

Do you think my boss is going to give the next high-profile project to someone who just “Does his job”?–Not a chance. NO, He’s going to give it to the guy who is known to “Gets his job on“!

What matters more and more in today’s innovation-driven business climate is “How” you do things, and less and less about what you’re actually “Doing”.

That leaves us with two choices when it comes to our respective paths in the business world. Do you want to be the guy who gets everything he’s asked to do “on” and take your rightful place at the top? Or would you like to be the guy who does his job, never gets a raise, stays in a loveless marriage and spends all of his spare time yelling at the neighbors kids when they get anywhere near his yard?

I know which way I’m going. Do you?

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