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Winning with “The Cloud”

Aside from the invention of computers–the rules for success in business haven’t changed in 200 years. Business is still about fostering relationships with customers, solving those customers’ problems about 65 percent of the time, and of course, contiuously striving to make yourself look much better than your coworkers so you can rise to the top of the business world.

Well, I’m here to tell you: THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

There’s something called “The Cloud”. Everyone is talking about it. More importantly, everyone wants it.

Here’s the the good news: No one knows what the hell it is, and everyone is afraid to admit it.

The simple fact you better understand is this: Your customers are in power these days. Also, they’ve been convinced that this magical cloud is going to solve all their problems. Whether it is or isn’t is of no concern to you. But the fact your customers believe it will–is. And that’s why you better be talking about it–all the time.

I don’t care if you’re a typewriter repair shop or a freelance donkey insimenator. You better be offering your customers a cloud-based solution for what you do–about a half hour ago, or you are risking extinction.

I know how shocking this sounds to many of you. And I’m sure this brings up a couple of questions:

-What if I’m just running a pizza place?
-How can I offer cloud-based pizza?
-Is the cloud a metaphor? Or is it a real Cloud?

Look, if I am a customer and I don’t hear you talking about cloud-based pizza solutions, i’m going to walk right out and purchase my pizza services at a place that does. Why? Because that pizza place “doesn’t get it”. People need their businesses to understand their needs. And that means they need a Pizza Cloud immediately.

Now, when it comes to actually coming through with your promise, this can get a little tricky. But that’s when you need to remind yourself of the inability of customers to actually know what the cloud is, to make them think you just delivered it to them–IN SPADES. Simply put, they just need to hear the words “the cloud”, and be able tell their friends they ate a pizza cloud. It can still taste, look, and smell exactly like pizza.

Today’s lesson is simple: Give your customers what they want, or have fun perishing.

Forget the cloud = Forget winning.

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  1. i want smarter engines to build smarter pizza clouds. jesus, that sounds delicious.

    • Winning said:

      GREAT comment Mr. Barlow! You’ve got the right idea. If you can patent the engine for building clouds, you will own the world.

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