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The Argument for Workplace Inebriation

Fact: When you smell like you’re drunk, people expect to see a trainwreck.

Another fact: The last thing anyone expects from a drunk is to absolutely crush a presentation or interject a winning business insight into your morning meeting.

Today, I’d like to make an argument FOR workplace inebriation. The only thing is: You’re really not drunk, you just smell like it.

When expectations are low (and when you’re drunk, they’re a special kind of low), you can’t help but blow your colleagues out of the water with even the smallest contribution to a meeting.

From now on, in your colleagues minds, this is what they’ll be thinking: “If he can perform at peak levels when he’s drunk, imagine the intellectual damage he can do the next time when he doesn’t smell like white zinfandel.”

In my book, that smells like a win.

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