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“Winning” is in trouble

This is not a blog post to rally my fans to send me money to continue because administration costs are killing us. Don’t worry about that, this site will go on forever because I am so committed to sharing my success with the internet. Not to mention, I AM LOADED.

No, I wanted to take a moment to address the current state of the word “Winning” and it’s troubling decline in the wake of this Charlie Sheen man.

While I was initially excited upon hearing about how he was able to extract blood from a tiger (legally) and use it as a source of magical power, my excitement waned upon further inspection. With the current circus around this man, “winning” is in serious need of an image reboot.

I feel like I’ve had a big part of adding power to the word’s meaning over the years by establishing a Winning at Business Institute, writing a series of children’s business encyclopedias based on some dubious businesses I launched as a child, and in the general way that I have propelled myself to the top of business.

But, although I have trouble admitting this at times, I am but one man. And I can only do the work of approximately five people (six if they’re all under 5’1″).

That’s where you all must come in.

With a little time and effort, I believe the word (our word!) can get back to meaning what it actually means–instead of the exact opposite. I implore you to do your part to wrestle this word back. Unlike in the workplace, every contribution counts here.

What will you do? Please, make your pledge below in the comments section, and let’s come together and take our word back from this ridiculous and irresponsible “actor”.

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  1. Bo Download said:

    I respect your opinion. You are The Man in my book. It is uncool to solicit money from your YouTube video channel, I get that.

    Back to the point of winning. Yesterday I almost ran a purple mini-van off the highway.

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