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Public Speaking 101: Double Thumbs

Colleagues are constantly asking me how I became so good at public speaking and presentation. And what do I tell them time and time again?


Never underestimate the power of an ending. That’s why I suggest you end every one of your speeches with a Double Thumbs up. This gesture does a couple powerful things. One, it signals to the audience that the speech is over and they should start the clapping. Two, it frames the information you just presented in your audiences eyes as twice as good as information ended with a single thumbs up.

The hope here is that the audience will be compelled to join you in a wave of “double thumbs” that permeates a room like a knowledge virus. In some rare cases–like my speech at HomBasedBizStratCon ’90–it can catch fire and permeate an entire building. This rarely happens, but when it does, it topples empires. I can’t guarantee this result for you, but it should always be a secret goal you keep in the back of your mind as a possibility.

I’ve given good and bad speeches like anyone, but when I end every one of them with Double Thumbs, everyone assumes it was a damn good one. As they should.

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  2. i just want to say that your textemonials are inspirational to me. i am new in business due to my recent graduation from NCSU (i am not yelling it is only initials. i know how all caps are perceived due to the recent responses i got to my “first sale” email i sent out at work; people thought i was gloating….my co-workers were not very nice to me). you must be very successful based on what i have read, how do you suggest i celebrate without gloating? i haven’t found a post that relates to that yet on your blog.

    i work at best buy (audio electronic accessories), do you have any suggestions for someone working in the technology field like i do?

  3. Great comment Charles! It is both humbling and not surprising to hear I am inspiring you with my strategies.

    I find that a great way to gloat is to come to work in a nice blue polo shirt. This tells the entire office that something special has happened that has allowed you to buy a shiny new (and expensive) shirt.

    I’m not sure I know what a best buy is, but i’m sure that shirt will do all the gloating you could want.


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