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The Employee Rewards Program for Winners

Employee reward programs have become a necessary part of doing business these days. They’re not only an important part of keeping good talent working on your business, but a great way to foster a healthy, happy and PRODUCTIVE workplace.

I’ve done a substantial amount of research on the topic, and have discovered a couple of keys to the overall success of any rewards program. I thought fellow and aspiring Winners at Business™ might enjoy the many fruits of my labor, as well as my invaluable insight.

A retention plan should achieve two primary goals:

1) A reward program should motivate. This one is pretty easy. We all want our employees to do their best work under your tutilage. A successful rewards program should accomplish this in spades.

2) It should be shockingly cheap to implement. No one’s boss wants to hear that they’re going to have to spend any money, ever, on anything. So an important step in getting such a program sold through as it moves up the chain of command, is keeping costs so low that it seems like you will have to do something illegal to get what you need.

Seems impossible right? Well, if it’s impossible, tell me how I just implemented an incredibly successful rewards program that has not only increased employee productivity by 63%, but only costs me 35 cents a week!

I did it with a program I call The Sticker Initiative™

Whenever an employee hands in expense ratio reports on time. They get a sticker.

Whenever Jane reports back to me with better than average quarterly numbers. TWO STICKERS.

Even when the cleaning workers finish vacuuming my office (after I inspect their work) at 11 oclock at night, i’m right there with a sticker.

Stickers can do it all. Not only are stickers, cheap, but they are so universally loved that it doesn’t even matter what is on the sticker. I gave the elderly janitorial services lady a Toronto Argonauts sticker and she was beside herself. I gave Sally my temp secretary an address label with a handrawn unicorn on it. I gave Bradley a dusty sticker from MegaMix 94.1FM, and he was happier than I’ve seen him in 13 years.

You simply will not find a better, cheaper rewards program than my Sticker Initiative™. But rest assured, if somehow you find a way to do it better, you’ll be getting a shiny new sticker of Phylicia Rashād when you do.

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  2. C. Penelope said:

    Your comment on TheGloss article written by Allie was really off-base. If you think she really stole your ideas, you should confront her or the article directly.

    But just in case, I checked out your site, and couldn’t find a single stolen thought. Your writing style and approach is so different from her’s…and frankly, you are not funny.

    I am sure your intention was to increase hits on your site, and I guess you win because I checked you out…but it will be my last visit. So enjoy the slight increase in traffic.

    It is very possible that you will have an avalanche of people not happy with you. Allie has quite a few followers (50K plus on Facebook, I believe) and the last time someone tried to flame her like this, it didn’t go well for that person. I believe they ended up shutting down their blog.

    Good luck with that.

  3. Administrator said:

    Hey Penelope! Great comment! Thanks for being a part of the conversation!

    To clarify, I HAD many followers (last time I checked it was 100K on Bebo), but I evaluated them all individually, and knocked it down to seven quality followers.

  4. Do I really need to buy or collect stickers?
    Wouldn’t pen scribbles on masking tape work just as well?
    And I don’t know if your staff is anything like mine, but mine adhere their rewards right to their skin, so maybe I should skip the unnecessary adhesive applicator all together and just write directly on their bodies.
    Do shapes carry significance? Are stars the best? And do they HAVE to be right side up?
    Never mind, I’m a copywriter maybe I should just stick to phrases like.. “good on ya mate” for the staff that are direct descendents of convicts. Or for my foreign exchange staff, “Way to quit!” for the French, and “You did great for an imbecile!” for the Pol’s.

    Your thoughts…

    • Great comment Mr. Ewe! (is that french?)

      Lots of great questions here. I Love the idea of homemade masking tape stickers, but will say, that does involve effort, which takes away from the ease of execution. But, each business man has their own techniques. And I am not one to judge as long as it works!!!

      Keep winning!

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