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On Lunch Breaks

A beautiful riblet basket

Even though I prefer working through lunch, there are times that I run low on jerky, or forget to grab my retro construction worker lunchbox off of the roof of my car before pulling away from the condo. Times such as these make it necessary to run out for a lunch and unfortunately, take a break from my work.

But all is not lost friends. Especially if you look at this “break” as an opportunity to let your colleagues know you approach lunchtime the same way you would a global parcel assessment plan: LIKE AN ANIMAL.

It might be hard to imagine something as simple as a lunch could communicate anything about a personality, unless say, you were eating an Asian salad. But I’ve found that it can, especially when you make sure and come back from lunch with your entire face covered in meat juice.

You don’t need a fork, a knife, or any utensil really, because you eat things the way they do it in the wild–with only your mouth. Your teeth alone have all the cutting power it takes to knock back any riblet basket that might come your way.

Much like the way you devour every single task you take on, The Meat Juice Strategy™ is an unmistakable way to tell the office that your lunch is no different.

While successful implementation of this strategy may hinder your chances of being invited to lunch on a regular basis, the net benefit to your career will far outweigh some crappy lunch with Saul the train collector and his buddies.

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  1. Please join with me in lobbying McDonalds for the return of the McRib sandwich. It can only help your cause.

  2. Administrator said:

    Count me in Jill. How can I help? The juices from a McRib got me my first promotion. I want to give back.

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