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The Intra-Office Basketball Tournament

I believe that we should all strive to win in all facets of business, and the intra-office basketball tournament is an easily overlooked facet. Today, that changes.

I’ve crafted a surefire way to crush any three-man team an office can pull together. And what makes this strategy even more powerful is that it works whether you can play the sport of basketball or have no idea what a basketball is or what to do with it once you find one.

I know, this seems impossible. But it’s not. All you’ll need to implement this strategy, and succeed is a pair of incredibly small running shorts and pair of balls, literally AND figuratively. (sorry ladies!)

Now, I am not the best basketball player in the office. But when I suit up for the basketball sport competition with my tiny pair of shorts no one in the office can cover me. Granted, this is mostly because I am not wearing underwear, and they’d rather not take the chance that my bare genitals could touch them, especially on their butts.

But guess what? Since no one will cover the “guy with the visible scrotum”, that leaves said guy with a clear lane to the basketball hoop, every time he gets the ball.

The only thing left to do now is to get the ball in the basketball hoop uncontested. A feat that even a terrier can master.

Use my simple strategy, and you will not only have a great new plaque for your cube, you’ll have a renewed sense of respect from everyone in the office.

They’ll all know you have the “balls of a winner”, because well, they’ve seen them on the intranet.

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  1. Leadership. Penmanship. Ballsmanship. Thanks again, Winning at Business.

  2. Bo Download said:

    Even your shorts posts are long with technique.

  3. Administrator said:

    Mitch and Bo, I want to thank you all for your support over the year. It’s people like you that get me out of the bed in the morning, at 4 AM, and into work by 5 so I can send emails to my colleagues asking if they want me to start the coffee.

    Are you two available next week for some ball? I could use you two.

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