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Talking with Winners™: The Seth Godin Interview

Seth Godin

Recently, Winning at Business had the honor of asking a couple of questions of Seth Godin. Mr. Godin is a celebrated author, blogger, speaker, and an entrepreneur for the digital age. Below is a excerpt of our incredibly powerful interview.

First off, I want to thank Panera bread for allowing us to conduct our interview in your beautiful store, and also want to let my audience know how delicious this turkey sandwich is. It also seems like Seth is enjoying his Asian Portabello pannini wrap as well, though I can’t speak for him.

W@B: So, I’m interested in how you happened to stumble upon Winning at Business?

Godin: I did?

W@B: So, In your book “Tribes” you mention that leaders Challenge the status quo (check), create a culture, (check), and commit to the cause (double check). Why am I not the CEO of my own multi-national company right now?

Godin: Perhaps because you’re as boring as dirt? Unable to connect with individuals? Obsessed with the trite, the banal and the stupid? More likely it’s because there really isn’t a connection between building a grass roots tribe that thrives and heading up a company that uses its market position to exploit consumers.

W@B: So, you’re saying it might take me a couple of years? I can deal with that. I want to move on to your thoughts on “heretics”. Someone called me a “heretic” once, and I got into a four-hour karate fight over it. In your book, you feel like a heretic is a good thing. How is that possible, and should I apologize to my old boss Ron Adamson?

Godin: Well, any fight that lasts that long belongs in a Quentin Tarantino movie, not in the office. My argument is that a heretic is someone who cares about their faith enough to challenge their religion. The religion in your office might be the status quo, the way we do things around here, the sacred cows. The faith might be faith in your technology, your customers and your people. I’d like to vote on the latter.

W@B: I owe Ron a call for sure. That’s fair. Let’s talk a little bit about the power of stories. In my work, I’ve found that stories need to be embellished substantially to create the sense of fear I’d like them to instill in my listeners. Are you still holding onto the archaic idea that stories need to have actually happened to be effective?

Godin: Not at all. They merely need to be authentic, to hold up to scrutiny and to do what they say they’re going to do. Traditional organized religions are based on untrue stories, but that’s okay because intelligent followers don’t hold them up to be actual sportscasts of live events. They’re parables.

W@B: So, you say that we’re in the Tribes part of the marketing life cycle right now. I’m interested in what might be next?

Godin: This is next. For a long long time. After that, public flogging is next.

W@B: Everything now is about organization, and finding your true believers. You also speak on how we don’t invent things any more, but we organize groups around the interests, once we find them.

Godin: Actually, we invent stuff all the time.

W@B: Even still, why do you think that my blog has not exploded in popularity since it was created?

Godin: Is this the free advice part of the interview?

W@B: I have published many strategies, which one(s) have you used, and how great was it?

Godin: The short answer trick to online interviews. It was great.

W@B: You and I were just talking some weeks ago about my strategy of printing up a competitors logo on a 1000 pack of logo combs and put them around the office to get that raise you wanted. I remember you being ebullient over this one in particular. What struck you about this that made you gush so much?

Godin: Anything involving hair care gets me very motivated.

W@B: I saw your TED speech. Fantastic speech, by the way. How does one get to go on TED and make one of those speeches?

Godin: For me, I took a plane. I think if you live near LA you could drive.


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  2. Great interview but I think you missed a chance to ask about the making of “knocked up.”

  3. Administrator said:

    Thanks Mitch, I’m glad that you were one of the millions who enjoyed this post. It feels like we’ve changed some lives for the better today.

    I’ll have to ask him about the movie next time. But trust me, I WILL.

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