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Thoughts on Encouragement

I get this question all the time: How can I encourage my employees, without seeming like an overly thankful weakling while I’m doing it?

The answer? By spanking that person on their backside incredibly hard.

Look, this is a revolutionary approach. Not everyone will feel comfortable giving this type of encouragement, I’ll admit. But an important consideration with this tactic is that NEITHER of you will be comfortable. But in the end, if your employee is forced to think: “WOW, HE JUST SPANKED ME. MY BOSS HAS AN INTENSITY THAT CAN NOT BE DENIED. MY BOTTOM REALLY STINGS. – I believe you’ve won.

But, in order to achieve this end result, you’ve got to do it right.

A simple “hard spank” will communicate the intensity with which you encourage, but not the passion with which you tackle any and all business tasks at hand. That’s why it’s important to follow my three step Encouragement Strategy™.

Step 1) Put on your spanking glove. This could be a golf glove, a gardening glove, or a black leather driving glove, that you hang in your office on a mounted hook labeled “Encouragement Glove: DO NOT TOUCH”

Step 2) Get a running start. Find a nice straight hallway with about twenty feet of running room so you can get some speed with which to channel into the backside of your employee.

Step 3) SWING. As you near your employee, swing your arm as if you were throwing a side arm baseball pitch, and deliver the blow. This will concentrate the full power of your swing, and really help your employee feel the encouragement fully.

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