The secrets of a successful life in business.

Shaping Your Business Legacy

Legacies are only legacies once someone crafts an inspiring book about them. That’s why Winners at Business™ solidify that legacy by getting it on paper as soon as they can.

Do you think Jack Welch, Manfred Dunforth, or Arsenio Hall would be the luminaries they are today if they hadn’t published incredibly inspiring biographies that shaped the way the world saw them and their accomplishments?

You might be asking yourself: Why start now? Because the sooner you start, the sooner you can finish and get that thing into the brains of the business world. And let’s not forget, whether you retire at 55 or 95, you will want to do a lot of things other than starting on the arduous, time-consuming process of crafting your legacy.

Once I finish making my mark on business, I plan on working out more, having sex with several sets of twins, traveling to other countries with those women, and if applicable, have sex on the plane on the way. With any free time I get, I plan on documenting my sexual conquests in erotic driftwood sculpture.

Now, can I go and do all those things while I’m holed up in a rustic mountain lodge slaving away on a first draft of my 700-page autobiography?

Didn’t think so.

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