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Conquering Mondays

No one wants to work on Monday. Got it. But still, the idea that it takes us a full day to get our business selves back up and running–after even a very restful weekend–is rampant these days. And our Mondays are out of control!

Enter Operation Monday™.

Here’s how it works. Bright and early Sunday morning. Once I’m dressed for a normal day of work, I walk to the water cooler I have set up in my kitchen, share some incredibly inane stories about my weekend with my pet hawk Jo-Jo, bitch to him about being incredibly tired, and then talk to him briefly about my frustrations with our current economic climate.

Next up, I trade my Oxford for a “Talk to me on Tuesday” shirt, and then pour myself a coffee into my “Just Another Manic Monday” Bangles novelty mug. I don’t answer the phone before twelve, at which time, I eat a two cheeseburger meal from McDonalds.

Next up, I crack open a fresh pen and spill the ink on my brand new khakis, and then accidentally–but–on–purpose slam my finger in my desk drawer. As Operation Monday™ comes to a close, I finish by leaving “work” two hours late, drive to my dry-cleaner, and when I arrive, I act like I just missed closing time by two minutes. And with that, my fake Monday has come to an end.

And now that one Monday is already out of my system, I’ll be ready to take full control of my real one.

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  1. Initech9 said:

    “Sounds like a case of the Mundays”

  2. Powerful post. I feel two days behind already. You win.

    I look forward to hearing how to conquer Friday afternoons in the spring, when really, that is beer time.

  3. Administrator said:

    Wow, Sarah, if I had ten cents for ever time i’ve hear those exact words (grumbled under a colleagues breath, of course) I would have enough money to purchase the earth.

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