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Making Big Talk™

How many times have you had to talk about the weather or a sport match this week?

Last time I checked, it was every single day. Things like, “It’s nice outside huh?, or “we really needed that rain”, or “how about that sport last night?”. We get it. You’ve got nothing important to say, you just want to hear yourself talk. Saul, can I just get to the cooler and grab some water? Thanks.

I think it’s time for the business world to make small talk work much harder than it ever has in the history of business. And fortunately for business, I know exactly how we can do it. Use small talk to blindside your co-workers with an in-depth knowledge of Vikings, and how much the Viking culture inspires us in our daily endeavors. I call it Big Talk™.

Your colleagues are going to be looking to talk about something with absolutely no meaning. Imagine though, if they come out of one of those casual non-conversations with some actual information about you. Particularly the kind of information that will spread around the office and create a tangible sense of fear in your colleagues.

Yes. Vikings were brutal barbarians. Yes, they were blood thirsty pagans who liked to desecrate churches. But they were also great leaders that got quick, visible results. I can’t think of anything wrong with letting everyone know how much you look up to Erik Bloodaxe, and how his brutal, but results-based lifestyle inspire you to “do what you do” each day.

Worst-case scenario is that none of you co-workers will ever ask you what you think about the weather again. Either way you look at it, a win.

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  1. Does bringing up your most recent bowel movements classify as Big Talk? Obviously, I only talk about my dumps when they clear sea level.

  2. Administrator said:

    Bo: As always, incredibly insightful, and powerful comment. Thanks for always testing my strategies.

    I believe talking about your dumps will only achieve the goal of never being asked about the weather again. What you’re not getting is that tangible sense of fear that viking knowledge will give your conversations.

    This is incredibly important in making effective Big Talk™, and without it, you’re only half way there.

  3. beginning winning perv known as confused at business said:

    If knowing about Vikings is impressive, I think speaking like a Viking would really tighten up the short and curlies on my co-workers. Here is how i am getting started. Thanks for the Stimulus WAB!

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