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Salary Negotiations and The Tchotchkie Factor™

Salary negotiations are less about what you say, and more about how many windbreakers, painters caps, and combs you print up with your main competitors logo on it, and how strategically you use those promotional items around the office. I call this The Tchotchkie Factor™.

And printing up these specialty products will do just that. Even if you fancy yourself as a master wordsmith, your words alone will never be able to do what The Tchotchkie Factor™ can do.

Does this take a small investment on your part? Yes.

But, let me ask you, is spending $15.99 on 1000 logo combs worth it if it nets you a shiny new pay grade? I would imagine that answer is still, yes.

Now is not the time to be “rational” and ask for that pay bump based purely on your detailed list of personal and professional accomplishments. No, get into work early wearing a fresh new neon green windbreaker emblazoned with your competitors logo. Make that first pot of coffee for your soon-to-be old coworkers, have them drink from the your new logo mugs, and watch word spread to the top.

Once your bosses know you may or may not have someone else on the hook for a new gig they will not only act, but act quickly.

How do I know this will work? Well, first off, I brokered four raises last year by executing this strategy. My 100-pack of painters caps netted me 100,000 dollars in raises this year alone.

Secondly, business in general does not know what to do with rational thought. But, what business DOES know how to do is to freak out, and make incredibly rash decisions based on the fear of losing ground to a competitor.

Whether losing market share, losing that lucrative contract, or losing their prized “guy who sits somewhere on the 2nd floor”. They won’t let you leave the table without a nice new bag of money.

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  1. I had my name and email address printed on business cards with our Yahoo!’s logo on them! It’s easy. Yahoo! even gives away email addresses with their company name! Dumbasses.

  2. I’ve been using this same principle, but with my marriage. It works great with jock straps… trying to think of a few other tchotchkies to help extend my message.

  3. Administrator said:

    Wow, great comments as always guys.

    Bo: Business cards might be a little too far to go, as business cards are usually given out once you have the new job.

    I like the way you’re thinking though, especially the calling people Dumbasses part.

    Jill: You always find a way to adapt my strategies in new and excited ways. Keep up the good work.

    As far as other options to extend your message, have you tried used wallets? or warm shoes?

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