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Winning in Tough Economic Times

Look, no one wants to be laid off, ever. And now is probably the worst time for this to happen to anyone.

Why? Well, I see two major factors making these times even more difficult: 1) Companies aren’t looking to hire, and 2) The steady stream of cheap labor streaming into our country from Russia, is diluting out labor force (thanks to those assholes, Alaska).

No one (except my old boss and mentor Daniel Kleinsbury) LIKES to lay off an employee. So you need to use this to your advantage (unless you work for Daniel Kleinsbury) and be the type of employee they don’t like to fire. In my experience, that person is “the guy who is really into survival knives.”

Yes, the only way to truly solidify your position in today’s shifty corporate and economic climate is by making your superiors AFRAID to fire you.

Two steps and wheels will be set in motion. Here is a great resource for boning up on your survival knife knowledge. Also, it might be a good idea to start printing some images on any printer you can have access to.

Rest assured (and I’m speaking from a management perspective), if I have a choice of firing the nice rational guy who’s got 15 years experience, or the guy who can’t get through a conversation without mentioning some sort of knife-based story–I’ll be firing the rational one.

Why? Because I know what I’m getting with the rational guy.

You never know with the knife guy.

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  1. I got laid off recently, it was either me or the ex-ROTC guy … and I knew I was better at my job.

    GRRRRR … *feeling chills crawl on skin while remembering*

    I now keep a flat-top and wear camo’s to the grocery store. Thanks for the resources!

  2. Administrator said:


    While I am sorry for your layoff, I would have fired you as well, as you sound like a pretty reasonable person.

    One suggestion moving forward though: hold off on the camou till you secure that new job.

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