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Holiday Message to My Readers

Winning at Business™ will be taking a break from filling your business brains with valuable knowledge and winning strategies for a couple of weeks.

Since I worked all the way through the holiday season, I have decided to reward myself with a vacation.

Practicing what I preach, I will be going on nice relaxing post-holiday business seminar called The Frank Goebbels Management Marathon. 14 days of learning how to create and use inter-office, fear based, propaganda tactics to become a better mentor, and leader–all while running a marathon in full business attire.

It should be fun.

I hope all my readers got alot more work done than their colleagues did this holiday, whichever one of them you celebrated.

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  1. The holiday I celebrated this winter is the fruit borne from the seed of your loins. Enjoy your vacation, Poppa. And by “enjoy,” I mean come home a winner or don’t come home at all.

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