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Motivating Employees with Shame

In this age of the internet, managing has become incredibly difficult. As long as there is an internet in your office, you will have to be vigilant as a top manager to keep your employees on task, and off what I call The Boob Screen™.

A simple, stern “Would you pretty please get off the internet and finish the McClatchy analysis already?”, simply doesn’t cut it these days. I’ve found that employees even laugh at this rudimentary approach to motivation.

This is when I simply reach back into my Workplace Toolbag™ and grab an imaginary tool–that looks alot like an awl–labeled Shame.

The concept is as old as space, but this motivational tool is special. It will only work if you have a steady stream of material to shame with.

That’s why I suggest you start a Shamelog™, immediately.

What is a Shamelog? Well, it’s a running list of all the things your colleagues have done that could be used against them in the future. How many times have we seen a colleague stealing a stapler remover, misquoting Malcolm Gladwell, or microwaving someone else’s clearly labeled Spa Meal, only to forget their mistake ever happened when it comes time to cash it in?

Answer: More times than I care to admit.

I suggest you fire up the old Excel program, and create an entry for every employee you come in any sort of contact with. Whether they took three pieces of pizza at a meeting, or parked like an asshole, put it in their log.

That way, any time your employees production starts to dip, you can whip out The Ol’ Shamelog™, and get ‘em moving.

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