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The Importance of a Business Nemesis™

If you don’t have a Business Nemesis™, you need to find one thirty minutes ago.

I believe that having a Business Nemesis™ is the single most important motivating factor in the life of a businessperson. Get use to this fact, and the rest of your business life will have the singular focus you’ve been looking for.

So, what is a Business Nemesis™? Well, that’s an easy one. A Business Nemesis™ is a person, normally a colleague with an equal status position, whom you hate because he is either a complete asshole, or is actually pretty good at his job (even better than you) sometimes.

A simple fact of business life is that you will lose focus every once in a while. Whether it’s a milky snack that’s having it’s way with you, or a quick fantasy trade you need to broker for Willis McGahee, it will happen. Your Business Nemesis serves as a constant reminder to your unfocused brain to snap out of it and get back to being The Winning Brain™ that got you where you are today.

The strategy here is incredibly simple: Every time you see them, find a way let them know that you’ve got your eye on them in a non-sexual way. I’ve found this to be an incredible motivator for me, on an almost daily basis.

Here are a couple of ways I’ve found to bring this concept to life. Next time you see your Nemesis try one of these scenarios:

-Try a “Double finger point” towards the eyes. I’ve found this one to be very effective, especially if they are giving a presentation, and no one else in the room can see what you’re doing.

-Purchase a bag of sawdust and keep it handy. When he passes you, ask him for his coffee mug. Then, fill his coffee mug with the sawdust, while he’s watching you fill his mug with sawdust.

-Challenge him to a “dance battle” after lunch one day, and then publicize the date and time with an interoffice memo. (Not to worry, no one will ever take you up on this unless you find yourself at my wedding.)

-Draw a picture of a human eye on a piece of stationary. Then write “I’ve got my eye on you”, using the eye sketch in place of the word ‘eye’. Leave it on their desk when they’re away. Don’t sign it, and do it 20-30 times a day.

-Always ask him to resend any email he sends you by saying, “Oh, I never got that email”. This will double his workload, and give you the slight edge.

These are just a few examples to get you started on shocking your unfocused business brain back into activity and get back to winning.

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  1. Bravo! This is sound advice in these times where many companies’ financial prospects have us employees playing “who’s getting fired next.”

    Excellent idea about forcing your nemesis to re-send emails. Another effective tactic: copying your nemesis on every non-critical email you send. Again, it slows him down and if your project goes topsy-turvy, you can force him to share the blame.

  2. Administrator said:

    Great thoughts Bo (as always).

    Especially on the copying him on non-critical email. That is a tactic that even I have not thought to try, but will very soon–like tomorrow.

    My latest Nemesis is on the verge of a substantial emotional breakdown as it is from what I hear, and this just might be the thing to push her over the top.

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