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The Problem with Vacation

Beaches shmeaches

For many in business, vacation is a very important part of the culture. Conventional wisdom tells us if we put in the man hours, you deserve a breather once in a while! Right?

My opinion? The only function vacation serves is give us a breather from endlessly striving for success, AND allows our colleagues the chance to make their moves unchallenged.

The Bad Part: you are required to go on vacation these days due to a statute recently issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Association. I think this statute is complete Bullarky™, (a combination of bull and malarkey) and rewards employees for not working as much as they possibly can. I have a very hard time mentally grasping this concept.

The Good Part: I’ve crafted a simple strategy anyone can use when it comes to this ridiculous policy of forced vacationing.

Spend it going to a 7-day Intensive Management seminar in a place like Toledo Ohio, based on the teachings of martial arts master Dawn Callan.

When you get back to work after your “break”, imagine the fear you’ll create in the minds of your colleagues when they hear you not only spent your vacation in a state without a beach, but you also spent it finding ways to foster a more productive manager-employee relationship using a verbal form of karate.

I guarantee you that once they get word of the mysterious new skillset you just acquired–instead of hearing how many Calabash dinners you were able to consume–the conversation will end right then and there.

Soon they’ll be back at their desks, using valuable work time booking their own trips, instead of pointing out how smoothly things went in your absence.

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  1. Bad news: Callan seminar is cancelled.

    Good news: You have a prepaid hotel room in Toledo.

  2. Administrator said:

    I got my e-confirmation last night. Might want to check your bulk mail.

    Either way, the ticket stub is REALLY all you need.

    Pin that thing to your sports-themed cork board, and let your colleagues new fears wash all over you like a night of great jazz.

  3. […] Practicing what I preach, I will be going on nice relaxing post-holiday business seminar called The Frank Goebbels Management Marathon. 14 days of learning how to create and use inter-office, fear based, propaganda tactics to become a better mentor, and leader–all while running a marathon in full business attire. […]

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