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My Four Cents™

I wanted to invite all my readers to join me in a new series of posts where people ask me general and specific questions about winning, business, my take on current events, and possibly other more personal things which I’ll answer at my own discretion.

Think of this as a safe zone where all of your business questions will be answered truthfully in an open, mildly judgemental forum. I will answer them honestly and fairly, but will put my own special spin on the insights.

Some people give their two cents. Me, I add two more in there so you’re walking out of here with twice the amount of cents you thought you might get.

It’s a classic over-delivery sitiation, and it’s my hope you all will benefit twice as much as you usually do.

Please, join me by emailing your questions here.

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  1. confused at business said:

    is this a test! is there a right question to ask. what is an eductor?

  2. Administrator said:

    I have no idea what an eductor is. But, i can assure you, this is not test, just a new and exciting conversation for all of my readers to participate in.

    I hope you can join the party.

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