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In Defense of Business Travel

Traveling on business doesn’t have to be the boring, salesy, piece of crap it usually is. The reason most of us hate going on trips is that it puts us on the shifty sands of foreign soil. I believe that this isn’t what’s bad about business travel, it’s what’s good. Your colleagues are in a vulnerable position.

So where do you go from here? Simply put, if you can put yourself in the position of comfort in a foreign city, you can put yourself comfortably in position to crush your foes.

The best way I’ve found to do this is to:

1) Dress casually as you travel, and by casually, I mean like you’re going to Tahiti. This will let your fellow travelers know that you’re not afraid of planes, and that work is vacation for you.

2) Always wear a T-shirt that has the name of the city you’re about to visit on it.

This will let your colleagues know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ve not only been to Toledo, but you’ve been there many times before. You operate there with an ease and comfort there that the rest of your coworkers have no chance of attaining.

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  1. Bo Download said:

    This is sound advice. I’m a big fan of having potential clients meet me at my favorite bar. I always show up in a t-shirt that has the bar’s name (Kenny’s) and logo (an eagle shooting flames out of its mouth) on it. Before I’ve even said a word, these clients know they are in for a first-class dealing-with.

  2. Administrator said:

    Mr. Download:

    You know who I’m a big fan of? You. You’re a testament to the power of reading my blog, implementing my strategies, and thinking of new and effective ways to win at business.

    I would hate to work with you.

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