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Winning with The Workplace Headshot

Just add falcon

Even if you’re not the CEO, or even the boss, you need to project an air of success at all times. The workplace headshot is an oft overlooked arena we all can own with a few simple steps.

Get a haircut first and foremost. But not just any haircut. Make sure that it’s the one with the distinct part on the left side of your head, and make sure to check for errant sprigs of hair. You want to create an uninterupted dome of hair if possible. If you’re going bald, your only chance for an air of success is to shave your head (see above).

Now, despite what some top business schools and texts have told us, I believe a simple haircut just won’t do in this day and age.

In order to project the right mix of that potential for leadership, and an intensity that can not be ignored, you’re going to want to rent a falcon and bring it to the photoshoot. I would also strongly encourage you hold it without a bird glove. Though painful in the short term, this Extra Steppe™ will get you a greater ROI from that pricey falcon rental.

What’s great about this image (once published) is that it will make it seem like you have tamed this animal as you leisurely strolled to work on photo day. Plus, since it will be printed and handed out to all shareholders in the form of an annual report, it can be laid out on your desk and around the office like it just happened to fall open to that page.

Once those claw wounds heal up in six to eight months (the average time it takes to get an annual report printed and shipped) you’ll be sitting pretty.

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  1. fax me like i want it said:

    is that you in that headshot. damnnnnn. i have a business proposition for you. its called you bring the oil and i’ll bring the tiger! owwwwwwwww!

  2. Administrator said:

    Unfortunately, that is not me in the photo. But, that is me in the header photo?

    If that interests you then email me or something, we could probably work something out.

  3. Perfect work!Keep posting

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