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Another Powerful Successtimonial™

I just received this from a recent Winner at Business™. You must read this testament to the power of my strategies immediately.

I would like to share something that recently happened to me, in which I very much benefited from your sound and on-point advice.

It should be noted early that I work for a small company and I am gunning for the position of OWNER. I feel that overthrowing a small business by thwarting the owner is the ultimate testament to the drive of an individual. Not only do you need to get the the owner to admit you are better at his job than he is without getting fired, you also need to get him to hand over the company keys and take a back seat to the genius that thrives within you.

This is not a task that can be done overnight, so one must be unyielding in pursuit of this goal.

There are 10 people in our office, with about 20 persons in the field. My intention is to make believers out of 90% of my co-workers and in turn, call for a vote, in which power will be voluntarily passed on to myself.

As the first step in this pursuit, I utilized Business Jooce™. Always the thinker, I used gasoline in stead of kerosene due to cost per gallon. I took some initiative of my own and left the cap open on the container, filling the office with the smell of my juice.

I left it this way for 24 hours, the next morning there was a note on my desk reading “Please see me first thing, Brad” (Brad is the owner).

Prior to my meeting with Brad I used the Jooce as mouthwash to facilitate a higher status within the meeting.

I walked through Brad’s door, gave him a firm handshake and a breathy “Hello”.He asked me to “Please remove the gasoline from the refrigerator, it smells far too strong and has made Ted in accounting very ill.”

Read that as: The liquid you “ingest” is too strong for me and our office, thus, you are too strong and could you please stop being so incredible?

I’m calling it victory number #1.

Dallas Star,
Fortworth Industries
Houston, TX

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