The secrets of a successful life in business.

Welcome Daily Green Readers!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for greening the workplace. It has worked for me time and time again, it will work for you.

Please take your time and enjoy a deeper look at some of my strategies. I believe these strategies will be beneficial to anyone who has a job and works with people. And of course, if you use one of them successfully, please drop me a line for possible future use as a Successtimonial™.

I’d like to also remind you that I’m always tweaking my strategies in and effort to make them even more successful than they already are.

Your thoughtful input is always considered and appreciated.

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  1. There are 2 things you don’t joke about: Mike Tyson’s mom and green initiatives.

  2. Administrator said:

    Completely agree Jeremy, great comment.

    I’d also like to add ‘construction workers that are working near your car’, and ‘anyone with 2 bellybuttons’ to the list of things you don’t joke about.

    Hope all is well at Friswell.

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