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Document destruction and the benefits of Ham

This is what destroyed documents look like

Today in business, a staggering 4.35 billion documents get created every five minutes. Now, there is a finite amount of storage in the world, so today, you must know the what and how of document destruction. In the business world, this is known as a Document Destruction Strategy, or DDS.

I cannot stress enough the importance of implementing a DDS. Not having a DDS today, would be like a local barbecue restaurant saving all of it’s leftover barbecue in the basement, instead of selling it a great price to churches just before it all goes bad.

Standard document destruction procedure calls for a cross-cutting shredder, kept under or near your desk. As a destruction need arises, one inserts the documents into the shredder, and repeats as necessary.

But that’s what everyone else does.

I, in turn, take The Xtra Steppe™, and wrap those shredded documents in discarded ham scraps from my neighborhood butcher. I just run by there each day on the way to the bus stop, and since I buy in bulk, I get an incredible deal.

It’s an imaginative but extremely effective way to keep your important shredded business documents out of the hands of would-be trade-secret thieves, and government spies.

This small, but effective strategy is not only relatively easy to implement, but it’s one that your boss won’t thank you for immediately, but will somewhere down the line. I’ve seen it time and time again in my 15 years as a Winner at Business™.

Get the ham, stick to your guns, and win.

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  1. This is not a Successtimonial (yet), it’s an inquiry. I don’t live near a butcher or any other source of ham, but I’m interested in implementing a DDS and taking The Xtra Steppe.

    There is a seafood restaurant not far from where I work. Will the rotting byproducts of other animals do the job? Or is ham the only way?

    Also, if I’m scrounging said byproducts from the seafood restaurant’s dumpster, do you think I’m likely to upset my friendly neighborhood hobos? I’d hate to get caught in the crossfire of a hobo rock fight. Just wondering.


    The Dan

  2. Administrator said:

    Great questions The Dan. My thoughts:

    I use ham because it is convenient for ME. I think that seafood will work just fine for you. The key here is that it’s a material that thieves would rather not touch or smell.

    I would suggest creating a relationship with the store owner instead of rummaging through their dumpster. That way he can give you a thick plastic bag to carry the material on the bus.

    I’ve never been IN a hobo rockfight, but my guess is that it’s best to steer away from hobos in general, just in case a rockfight kicks up.

    You’re on your way.

  3. Johnny Rickets said:

    I like ham. Ham biscuits are good. Can I wrap my documents in ham biscuits? Would that be accpetable?

  4. Administrator said:

    Mr. Rickets, you answered your own question when you said “Ham biscuits are good”.

    When was the last time you saw a ham biscuit and didn’t want to eat it? Personally, I can’t remember a time.

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