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A Powerful Succestimonial™

For this weeks post I wanted to share a powerful Succestimonial™ sent to me recently in response to an earlier post: “Pointing=Winning

Just got through pointing at my computer knowingly and I’ve got only 2 things to say, AWE. SOME.

This technique was so much more effective than I thought it could ever be in a million years.

But there I was. My manager Greg had just come to my cube, and was acting like a total dick. Then he tells me I better put my job description into “actual words”, and submit it to him this afternoon or else I was in going to be in BIG TROUBLE.

Big trouble? Who says “big trouble” that isn’t an elementary school teacher?

Then he said to just shut up and do it so he could formalize my review “before next Christmas”.

I really had no idea what he was talking about, but then I remembered what you wrote. The next thing I know, I’m pointing at my computer screen knowingly, and Greg is walking back to his cubicle scratching his head like the balding train collector he’ll always be.

I can’t thank you enough for this timely business tip. Still can’t believe it worked.

Jeremy Mullis,
Friswell Ironworks, Inc.
Denver, NC

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  1. I made a point today, literally and figuratively, to work (get it, work?) this technique into my job. Randy asked me to take a sheet of data and enter the codes into a bunch of different web pages, and I said, “That sounds like busywork.” He said, in a tone that let me know he thought it was busywork too, “It is busywork.” I took the opportunity to point straight at him and say, “I’m insulted. Every time you engineers come up with some big stupid plan you go ahead and do it and you expect me to clean up after you.” I looked him right in the eye when he wasn’t looking at my finger and he knew I wasn’t playing. I think I can conclude this anecdote by saying that it’s been more than four hours later and I have neither entered any of these alleged codes, nor has anyone asked me about it again.

  2. confused at business said:


    I tried your Steppes for Winning – Business Jooce work model. It was awesome. There I was sitting in the conference room with my Business Jooce on a table behind me. The smell of my Business Jooce was permeating the entire room, so much so that some people with allergies to petroleum distillates were coughing and gaging and some had wattery eyes.

    Questions were raised as to what was causing such disturbance. I took this moment to claim my (your) Business Jooce. The AHHHwws were heard ’round the room. I just pointed to the cooler and didn’t say a word. The Boss was so impressed he tol every one that because I’m so good at navigating the shifting currents of business I would be presenting the next power point to our new AD client.

    SUCCESS IS MIME for the taking.

    I will say that I did not have immediate sucess initially. I tried the Business Jooce in a styrofoam cupwhile taking a smoke break, needless to say that try went up in flames…literally. Don’t worry i was not injured and there was a poistive . There are several women in the office that will no longer have to tweeze their eyebrows.

    I also tried the Business Jooce at the gym. DO NOT USE A SQEEZE WATER BOTTLE in the SAUNA. Apparently these bottles were not designed to hold kerosene either. I was told they will have that area of the GYM repaired soon.

    I have found a coffee cup to be the best way to exhibit your BUSINESS JUICE.

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