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Theme Choice and your Internal Presentation

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I always want to inspire those around me in the workplace. Not only is this a characteristic of a good leader, but it just feels so good knowing that you’re shaping the minds of your coworkers with your business wisdom.

But I must be completely honest here, no one in the world of business would have charisma without a solid command of the computer program called PowerPoint.

Ask a business leader to give a presentation on index cards, and they’ll look at you like you were an actual monkey.

My PowerPoint Strategy for Winning™ is simple: Always use a Powerpoint theme that is based on the current season.

This not only helps you remember what time of year you’re presenting the material, but it also allows your audience to imagine they are outside experiencing the most stereotypical weather of that season.

Think how receptive your audience would be if they were imagining a nice autumn brown leaf falling into their lap, or perhaps, a snowman in a business suit sitting beside them taking notes as you explained how to develop low-cost strategies for implementation in the gestational phase of a new product line.

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  1. I am a Powerpoint beginner, but was wondering: is there a way to incorporate smog into this line of thinking? or how about ozone alerts?

  2. Bo Download said:

    Could seasons like pepper, oregano and mint also be used? Just curious….

  3. Administrator said:

    Great comments guys.

    Jill: I like the way you’re thinking, but unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t currently ship with overly negative themes.

    Bo: No. But you bring up an interesting topic–Puns.

    The thing about puns is that people generally want to shoot you in the face when you use one. But it’s worth noting that this is usually because they wish they would have thought of it first, and they rarely actually shoot you.

    Just bee careful.

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