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“Go Green” the Easy Way, and Win

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Everyone in business is going green these days. If you don’t put out a press release with actual steps that your business has taken to “green” themselves, then your business will probably fail in a year.

Fortunately, all a business needs to do is to implement one photograph-able thing to create the appearance of your acknowledgment that going green is important to customers these days.

I’ve found that the easiest way to go green in the workplace is to recycle. Mostly because it takes no extra effort at all to implement. (Another Key to Winning™)

The thing to remember when you recycle is this: It’s not about saving the earth, its about making sure people see you recycling.

That’s why you should place your recycling bin in your main lobby at all times. Make sure it’s also in the main path of foot traffic so no one (especially the press) can miss it.

Note: Keep doing this, even if you get a local news story written about your poor recycling bin placement, and how it has caused a handful of ankle and wrist injuries.

At least they’re talking about your recycling bin.

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