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Mastering Workplace Photos

A Winner at Business™ never has family photos on their desk. The only purpose they serve is to distract you from whatever business challenge is at hand. But, more importantly, it makes your colleagues aware that you care for something other than business.

The Key to Winning™ with photos is to have nothing but karate related photos on your desk. Let the office know that not only are most of your personal heroes karate experts, but that you might even be a master yourself. Additionally, I would suggest getting a calendar from a local Dojo, and use it as your main calendar.

Even if you don’t know karate, it’s an easy way to get on the Road to Winning™, with very little effort.

Extra credit: One thing that I have done in the past is to ask an Asian friend to leave me a number of messages reminding me that my entry fee for the upcoming karate tournament is due soon. And that they wanted to make sure that I could “defend my title” if I so desired. Listen to this message on speaker phone, and win.

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  1. Hi, I’m trying to be a winner, too, just like you. I have a question. Can I use framed Motivational photographs/text? You know, like a kitty climbing a barbed wire and it says, “DONT GIVE UP UNLESS ITS FRIDAY.” Something like that?

  2. Please tell me where I can get a copies of your books. I tried Family pictures but they haven’t worked. Maybe a voice mail that says “Bow to your Sensay” .

  3. I put a child-sized ninja costume in a big black frame on my wall. when colleagues ask me where i bought it, i just say, “i didn’t buy it, I earned it. at ninja school in asia.” Google that, jim from accounting. He will and he won’t find anything. if he confronts me about it, I will mock him about wife cheating on him in front of everybody. win – win scenario.

  4. I tried wearing a kimono to work. Then one of the chopsticks I had placed in my hair to secure my bun poked a co-worker in the eye while I was using the copier. Also my toes hurt from wearing socks under my flip flops. Am I on the right track here? Please advise.

  5. Administrator said:

    A couple responses to your comments.

    First off, Bo. I’d stay away from cats unless they look like a lion of another deadly cat. I think Cute should only be a Criticism Deflector. (I will cover this in a later post)

    I am of the opinion that Cute will never get you where you need to be in business, unless you were hoping to be a complete failure.

    Tree. My book has only just recently entered into the beginning stages of initial publishing efforts. I will inform you when it’s release is imminent.

    Jeremy Mullis. You are on the Elevated Expressway to Winning™. Please send me your resume.

    Jill. You are in the right country, but you’re Business GPS is still caluculating your route as you continute to drive aimlessly. Stick to my suggestions EXACTLY and you’ll be on your way. It worked for me. It will work for you.

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