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Deflecting criticism: The British Accent

Let’s say hypothetically, you just lost your company 3.1 million dollars due to an accounting mistake that realistically, anyone put in that position could have made.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again during my long career as a Winner at Business™.

Some people let emotion win, start crying, and offer to pay back the money. On the other hand, Winners at Business™, when facing this situation, focus up, and use one of the most powerful weapons in the world of business . . .

They repeat what their CFO just said, but in a jolly english accent. And this is a key: make sure it’s a Jolly British Accent, and that you move your elbows wildly as you speak.

You are building repore here by making fun of people who are different. Any self respecting member of the C-suite will relish in the opportunity to have a laugh at a silly accent. Pretty soon you both will be watching soccer, saying the word “poppycock”, and farting in each other’s general direction.

In the end, I guarantee that the entire board room will be bent over grabbing their newly cramping stomachs in mindless bliss. And soon thereafter, will forget that little accounting mistake.

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  1. British Brad said:

    Ace advice there, guv’na. A bloke’d have to be bleedin’ blarmy not to heed it. Get it sorted before you brass off your boss, or you’ll soon get the sack and find yourself queued up for the dole with nothing in your mitts but your John Thomas.

  2. jrandom42 said:

    And then the CEO, that ex-SAS chap quietly knifes you between your 4th and 5th left ribs and has you dragged out and fed to the dogs. His friends at MI-6 have all traces of your existance erased you the company goes on to recover from your blunder. Unfortunately, you do not, because by any legal measure, you never existed.

  3. Administrator said:

    Great comments guys.

    British Brad, I’m not sure what language you are speaking, but i like it. Keep up the good work.

    jrandom42, It doesn’t sound like you work in the business world, but rather, are in the middle of a some type of warzone.

    I think the first step you should take in your situation would be to get a job in the business world. Once secured, I’d suggest revisiting my strategies at length.

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