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Winning with Jokes

Having some laughs with your colleagues is always going to be important in today’s business climate. It provides levity, makes you look like a human being, and is a very effective way of building rapport.

The Key to Winning™ with jokes is not to have an arsenal, but to have one joke that works with anyone. For me, that joke is the joke where you refer to your trash can as a file.

In my many interactions with business professionals, this joke is the one joke that every business professional thinks is the funniest joke they’ve ever heard, every time they hear it.

In my experience, this joke has no downside.

Keep it with you at all times and Win.

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  1. I laughed a little, but it wasn’t the funniest ever. You maybe should check out a good joke book or watch Jay Leno or Howie Mandel. Those guys are funny. Golden Girls re-runs are really good as well for true humor. I just watch an episode before any meeting and use what I saw on the show. Blows them away every time. Especially that really dumb one on that show. Her material is golden. I can’t wait for the DVDs to come out. so I don’t have record Lifetime shows (as I am a man).

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