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Pointing = Winning

Workplace Pointing

There are times in business that you will not have an answer. This is a business reality. When this occurs (and it WILL occur) there are two courses of action a Winner At Business™ can take:

Listen. You can listen to the person honestly, and intently, weigh the situation carefully, and say, “Let me get back to you on that”, giving you the time to truly assess and figure out the business situation. You appear to care sincerely about the problem, and your colleague will walk away from the interaction feeling like things are going to happen.

Pointing. Make eye contact with your associate, and then point at your computer knowingly until they leave. Not surprisingly, this technique will make an associate feel they should already have the information they are plying YOU for. In the end, you remain smart, and they internally berate themselves. It’s Win (for you) / Lose (for them). The key to Winning At Business™.

There are advantages to both of these approaches. As many business situations are unique and therefore, difficult to navigate using a single prescribed formula or book. Though I can say that in my experiences, pointing has worked for me 99.35% of the time.

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  1. So, I’m pointing at my screen knowingly, and my colleague is still right here, standing, and appears to not be leaving any time soon.

    He’s even more confused now that i’m typing with one hand while continuing to point.


  2. is that a Tandy?

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