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Keys to Winning™: Conference calls and our mouths

A typical conferencing phone

The conference call is another important domain today’s business professional must conquer.

On a typical conference call, challenges abound. Your associates will talk over one another, there will be confusion over “mute” button operation, and inevitably, there will be one person who doesn’t understand that two people on opposite ends of the phone can’t talk at the same time.

The key here is to get control EARLY–I cannot stress this enough. This will let the call go as YOU planned, and not as some technophobe who just started at the company wants it to go.

The only way to assure success in this situation is to put your entire mouth ON the receiver as you speak. If there is none of your saliva left on the phone when the call is complete, then you have failed.

You may sound like a Chewbacca Businessman™ to your clients on the other end of the line, yes. But, the important thing to note here is that you were controlling the call from beginning to end. Whether any action steps were agreed upon should be of no concern.

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