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Visualization and the concept of Problem-Ade™

There are many unsavory things today’s business professionals must deal with. Anything from a spilled cup of coffee on a coworkers freshly-pressed pants suit, to the problem of hiring multinationals.


This is where visualization comes in to play. Here are five easy steps to get you on your way:

First: Visualize each problem as a rancid piece of fruit waste. Second: Picture yourself wearing rubber gloves, and placing the “problem” into an imaginary blender.
Third: Blend on puree setting.
Fourth: Pour the resulting liquid into a Myrtle Beach, class of ’92 commemorative plastic cup.
Fifth: Shut your eyes, pinch your nose, and drink.

You have now taken your problems, and made Problem-Ade™!

The stomach has a surprising amount of enzymes that can break down ANYTHING, even your hard to solve business problem. Use that to your advantage whenever a problem arises.

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  1. Somehow . . . this just worked for me.

    I had no idea my brain could be used for this.

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