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Using Acronyms to Master Diversity Issues

The murky waters of workplace diversity is a territory we simply must master.

This is particularly difficult for the white male, as they are seen by many as overlords of industry, and are always hiring their underqualified children and their friends for jobs that they didn’t earn and don’t know how to do, just because they needed something to do this summer.

I have encountered this problem many times in my career. I can distill down my experiences into one, easily remembered trademarked sentence: Always have one Asian American, and one African American within 5 feet of you at all times.™ An easy way to remember this is with a simple misordered acronym: 5AAAA.

No one will have the gall to call you a racist, a nepotist, or an unfeeling corporate baron while your standing beside not one, but TWO! other races. It ain’t gonna happen. Especially if you have your arm around one of them.

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